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RTM-01-RES Computer Based Radiometer for Measuring Integral Internal Temperature

Diagnostic System Description

Changes in temperature caused by inflammatory processes or higher metabolic activity of cells precede to anatomical changes that can be detected by mammography and ultrasound, so RTM-01-RES is very promising for earlier detection of internal organ diseases and for detection of non-palpable neoplasm. The method is absolutely harmless both to the patients and to medical personnel, so examinations can be conducted as many times as you need. It allows to detect a pathology in proper time and monitor treatment without extra radiation load. As RTM-01-RES allows to select patients with proliferative activity of tissues, it can be used for earlier detection of breast cancer and screening.

The internal temperature is measured by reading natural electromagnetic radiation from the patient's tissue at microwave frequencies. The temperature abnormality can be detected at a depth of 5-7 cm. Computer data processing helps doctors to analyse temperature readings.

Results of RTM-diagnosis are shown on the monitor of the computer or printed out as a thermogram and temperature field on the projection of an investigated organ. The advantage of the method is an expert computer system for the differential breast cancer diagnosis.

Clinical trials

Clinical trials conducted in over 1000 patients have shown a high efficiency of RTM-01-RES for the breast cancer detection (its detective ability is about 90% and it is comparable with mammography).

RTM-01-RES has undergone State Clinical Trials as a medical device for measuring purposes. Also we have got a licence on using RTM-01-RES in medicine practice from the Health Ministry of the Russian Federation, Russian Certificate of Type Affirmation, Russian Certificate of Conformance and German Certificate on electrosecurity.

The system is protected by the patent of the Russian Federation and there are no analogs abroad.

RTM-01-RES has been exposed at several international exhibitions and it is used successfully in England, Australia, Slovenia, Ukraine and in many Russian cities.

System Structure

The system consists of the following items:

  • Internal Temperature Sensor with antenna for receiving electromagnetic waves
  • Skin Temperature Sensor
  • Data Processing Unit
  • PC and a color printer with software including an expert system for breast cancer detection.


The training course in RTM-Diagnosis consists of theory, software training and practical training in breast cancer detection. The course lasts 30 hours. In Moscow the training may be conducted at the center of Customer.

The warranty period for the system is 12 months.

Medical and Technical Specifications of RTM-01-RES

Depth of detection of thermal abnormality from 3 to 7cm
Accuracy of measuring the internal temperature 0,2
Time of measuring at one point 8
Antenna diameter 39 mm
Power consumption 220 V 50 or 60 Hz less 20 Watt
Interdepartmental correspondence with PC by protocol RS 232 RS 232
Basis Weight not more 3 kg
Electrosecurity National standards 1, 50 267.092 and 601-1-1.

The distinctive feature of microwave radiometry is the extremely low strength of a signal entering the input of the antenna from the biological tissues. This signal strength is approximately 4*10-13 Watt

When the measurement is carried out it is necessary to distinguish temperature differentials of a tenth part of a degree. They correspond to a signal strength of 10-16 Wt. Therefore special circuits are applied for the reception, amplification and processing of signals. These techniques are protected by the patent of the Russian Federation.

The radiometer is produced on an original scheme. It is a modulated null-radiometer with a slipping circuit for compensating the reflection between the biological object and the antenna. This provides measuring intensity of natural electromagnetic radiation of patients' internal tissues with a high accuracy.

The use of advanced technologies in microstrip board production as well as microwave microelectronics ensures high quality, and reliability of the equipment.

In the RTM-01-RES radiometer there are no problems of regulation and control, which used to distract medical personnel from conducting main function i.e. the examination of a patient. The device does not require calibration. Instrument tests on long and continuous operation have shown that the system keeps not only differential but also an absolute accuracy of measuring the internal tissue temperature.

Undergo RTM-Diagnosis


On May 2005 the Russian Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Scientific Center received the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference Condition and Development of the Russian Federation Mammalogical Service.

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At the Showroom of inventions and new technologies in Geneva lasted from 6 April till 10 April 2005 Slovenian medics together with Russian scientists (Ivan Zrimzek MOGY and Sergey Vesnin RES Ltd) presented a method for early detection of mastopathies (radiothermometry) based on the noninvasive measuring of interval tissues' temperature.

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At the present time the diagnostics of mastopathies is one of the actual problem that's why the need to create new techniques for diagnosing and monitoring breasts condition isn't in doubt.

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How is the RTM-diagnostic used in medical practice?

The largest experience has been accumulated in mammology...

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